Friday, June 28, 2013

Random Walk with the Camera

When I feel blocked creatively, I do something I learned
from taking an e-course by Andrea Scher called Superhero Photo.

This course revolutionized the way I think about taking photos.

Andrea recommends just grabbing your camera and taking a 
walk in your neighborhood.

And suddenly, you might see things differently....

I can see that I can spread love through guerilla art

Or I can see a lily pond in someone's front yard and think...

Lucy and I need to add this to our project list

Or that I can grow plants in the most unusual containers like a telephone booth

Or hang that sign of the choirboy singing....

Go to my backyard and take pictures of my rooster Bobby T

Or remember I have no rooster...but want one desperately

1 comment:

Amy Huff said...

Love. I almost took that class then life got in the way and I missed it.