Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Work of Artist Beth Benefield

Beth Benefield comes from an incredibly creative family. I should know - she's my sister. 

Yet, Beth, a Regional Finance Director for a very large accounting firm, has never quite made a business out of her creativity....until now. Inspired by the designs of Chan Luu, Beth sought out a way to make these types of bracelets herself. After countless prototypes, using many different types of leathers and beads, she has definitely perfected a very unique, high quality and attractively priced line of jewelry.

She has all kinds of leather "tie" bracelets - 2 stranded, 3 and 4 stranded. You almost have to try one of these on, because honestly, displaying them is hard, because they look best on the wrist. There are also some very simple designs, like the red suede bracelet, that look awesome all piled together in a mass grouping or simply by themselves. And they are perfect and affordable for that gift for your daughter's girlfriend, or the house sitter or whomever.

Beth will be at the show on February 12th and 14th.