Saturday, March 1, 2014

A New Path, New Seat and A Step Forward

Going down a new path, I am taking the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken.

When I started trying to "follow the bliss" that Joseph Campbell speaks of,
I could not do it.  I started reading everything I could on finding your purpose,
manifesting your destiny, but nothing was becoming apparent.

Then I heard about Brene Brown, I read some of her things and well...I was
learning, but I could not put anything into action.

I started by taking really small steps of courage.  Things like writing an apology letter
to an old friend, signing up for a writing group, and quitting retail after 32 years.
With each step, I became more confident and willing to try the next one.

I NEVER thought I could do these things.

I hired a creative coach named Michelle Ward who I never met.
That's right...she lives in Brooklyn and I live in Houston and we
meet by phone once a week.
Isn't this crazy how the world works like this?

I cannot begin to tell you how much I have blossomed since 
I started working with her.

I feel I can take a seat and focus on myself and my dreams with

no judgement
a security net to catch me
and a voice to egg me on!

Why did I not do this sooner?  I keep asking myself.

I know I want to help others.
 I know I want to write for a living.

I have written a course to teach on 
How to Write a Wicked Good Online Dating Profile
and I hope to teach it at the end of this year.

I have had some awfully good success in this area...I met both my husbands this way
and I wrote profiles for 2 good girlfriends who ended up meeting their husbands this way.

Wouldn't it by so wonderful if I could help others by helping them learn how to write their profiles
or write their profiles for them?

I hope this post might inspire you to take a chance.
Listen to that one nagging thing in the back of your brain that keeps pestering you
and just take some time to let it breathe.

It's doubt about that.
And worrisome...what if it doesn't work, blah, blah, blah.

But, what if it does?
And even if it doesn't, I think I have learned by now
It will bring me to the next thing I am supposed to do.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best event I attended in 2013: Our wedding

I should title this post...
"How to plan a wedding in 6 days."
If we could have done it quicker, I think we would have.
And here is why.

Although I am not proud to admit this, the truth for all to hear is that this is my third marriage.
Having failed at this twice before, I did not want to call attention to the fact that I was going
to try this thing again.  I was a little embarrassed at telling people...I am getting married
for every time I did, I heard in my head their non-verbal response of "Again?"

I had already had two weddings and this time...
all that was going to matter to me was that this brave man was willing to join me
in partnership and union and not one other thing mattered.

Not what people thought.
Not what I wore.
Not what we did or did not do.
Not what we served.
Not where we had it.
Not who came.

I wore something I already had.
Well, actually, I bought something new, but when I put it on an hour before the ceremony,
you could see right through it.  So, I grabbed something from my closet, and that was that.
Lucy was right there with me and I could not have her remember her mom freaking out
on her wedding day because of some outfit that unfortunately did not work.

We got married outside of the architecture building at Rice, where Bob graduated from years ago.
We walked across the street to the graduate student bar called Valhalla, with both our mothers in attendance, thank Goodness. and had a beer with whoever showed up from our Facebook invitation. I think a lot of people thought it was an invitation to an engagement party, which made it all the better.

In front of 14 people, we said "I do" with my best girl and my stepson at my side and Bob's two best men at his side.  Our dear friend Greg Marshall officiated.
We had about 80 people show up to raise a glass with us at Valhalla.
It wasn't glamorous.  It wasn't big.  It was quick.
But it was authentic.

We exchanged vows with rings we already had.  
I designed my last ring and Bob liked his old ring, so no point getting new ones.
We did burn sage over them 30 minutes before the know, just in case.

My flowers looked just like my sister Tara had designed them.
Her old wholesaler did them for me, and that was one of the nicest parts
of the entire day... looking down at them from time to time and remembering her.

Almost six months into this new union, I know one thing for sure...
I have never had a marriage like this one before.  And I am thankful I had the others preceding this one.
I don't regret any union I made, whether successful or not.
I am just blessed that I got the opportunity to do it with Bob.
And Marc. And Lucy.

Having a family is pretty wonderful.
Having someone who always has your back is even more wonderful.

Sorry if you did not get the Facebook invitation or could not attend.
You didn't miss the event of the season
just a sweet memory and celebration of two people who planned a wedding in six days.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas decorating with a definite twist

I helped with quite a bit of Christmas decorating this year.
By far, these pictures and this house were my favorites.
The disco gnome above is from CB2.
At $129.00, a freakin' steal.
Just about the greatest thing I came across this holiday season.

 This garland was filled with Victorian Santas, an artisan made
and hand dyed bunting, a garland made entirely of Kantha beads,
Mexican devils, skulls and babies, religious icons...
and it was delicious.

 This vignette had tinsel trees and ombre votive holders (which were scored from Target last year)
mixed with the owners extensive collection of 
Mexican art.  

Topping it all off are these reindeers from Antrho mixed
with these amazing votives from Eklectic.  That had a mica type 
backing inside, so when you lit a candle inside it, they
appeared to be electric.  Totally beautiful.

These were my favs...hope you got some ideas for next year.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

On Sunday mornings, Lucy and I have the ritual of going to Christy's Donuts and heading to Starbucks to eat while we create.  She has an old loved Amy Butler art basket that looks like this...

and we have an even older zipper bag filled with tools we might stapler, eraser, hole punch, scissors...the basics.

She creates pages like these...which I find fascinating.

I am always amazed at what my pages look like when Lucy is there with me and sans Lucy.

I seem to be more productive when she is not there. More focused.

When she is there, the distractions are numerous.  This child is always in perpetual motion or drawing while standing up. Rarely sitting down, she sometimes opts to use the seat of her chair as her table and then chooses to sit on the ground.  She breaks into song. She starts and she stops.  

Then I started thinking...I think I would like to be more like her.

To have no purpose or intention.

To break into a dance and then color some more.

To be so free.

Just for today, I want to be more like Lucy.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Small Touches and Decorating Styles

Part of styling a house or a store is to visually intrigue the viewer.  When I am at my job, I may be setting a table to inspire a vacation I am adding a bikini, a cooler filled with Topo Chico, suntan lotion, journals...and when I am home...I use the same methodology but the person I try to myself.

I think life is about small touches.  Physical and visual. I like to place things around my house to stay close to others and to be constantly reminded of the joy I have the right to chose for myself every single day.

A bowl of my sister Tara's filled with one of my favorite things...wooden clothespins. BINGO cars placed on the dinner table underneath the plates to surprise my little girl.

 My Grandmother Martha's Button collection put in a glass bowl, surrounded by candles and placed on my coffee table.

A picture of Lucy where I can feel the wind blowing her hair.

I have no set decorating style and I am constantly switching things around and using my house as an experiment.

In fact, I think every female in my family does this.  We rearrange things, get new ideas for layouts for rooms, and constantly look at interior magazines.  It is in our genes.

I love looking at snippets like these of other people's is like crack.  One of the best parts of blogging is the record I can keep of my house in all its crazy transitions and hoping I can inspire someone else to tell their story too...through...

  • journaling
  • blogging
  • taking pictures

I believe with my whole heart that our lives are important enough to record.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Inspirations I keep close to me

Every creative soul needs inspirations

Gentle whispers.

Quiet proddings.

Things that encourage your soul.

Yoda sketched on a rock
reminding me to
"do or do not, there is no try"

A mood board that says WRITE
and has letters I have saved
to remind me that
"letters mingle souls"

And something I made for myself for
Mother's Day, not to brag, but to
cheerlead myself into being one

What are your gentle proddings?

I love to think about them on a restful Sunday.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

How I Make Books

I like to journal.

I like to make books.

I make books using a different method that i would like to share with you.

Here is a Journal I am working on
I want a I am visualizing and
collecting everything I want it to be.

I use all mismatched papers to make the pages,
add embellishments to the papers, 
use 3 rings to bind the book (so it lays FLAT).

Vary the sizes of the papers, and add things on
the sides to make it more 3-D.

Making every single page different with absolutely no
intention of what will be on the page.

Having total abandon of what or how things will
be used or turnout.

When the moment hits and it is time to
do a page, I pick at random and let the
story unfold.

I had a hard time staring at blank pages when journaling or

This became the process I started to use to make that blank white page not be so intimidating.

Hope you will try it sometime.