Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Life is a Do-Over

Do you remember the movie "City Slickers?" 
 There was a scene where Mitch (played by Billy Crystal) is 
talking to his friend, Phil (played by Daniel Stern).
Phil has just been dumped by his wife, who was having an affair. 

 All of his money is gone, he has lost his job, and life is looking sad, no depressing, really.

 Mitch talks to him about when you were in school and you wrote something on the blackboard, and if it was wrong, you screamed out "Do-Over" and got to erase the board and start over all over again.

Life can be a Do-Over.

In one year, I have not blogged.  Not one time.

Not when I was happy, nor when I was sad.

I remained quiet.

Earlier this year, I took this picture of myself looking at 
myself in the mirror and there in the black and white photograph is a picture of my mother staring back at me.
 Something about this photo made me think.

At 45 years old, I am asking myself . . . 
am I turning into my mother? 

And my answer is . . . I sure as s--t hope so.

My mom moved down to Texas from Greenwich, Connecticut
with 5 children (all girls), a husband, and leaving her son
 in Greenwich to finish out his senior year of high school. 
 All for my dad to take a job with Gulf Oil.

It would take a lot of strength to uproot all your children,  not knowing a single soul in this new frontier called Texas.

This past year, I have lost a husband, my house, a career . . .
which I guess is one way of looking at it.

And I suppose my mom felt the same way after moving . . . 
losing her house, her network and her friends. 
 I never heard her complain. Not one time.

What does it help? If you do look at your life as a Do-Over, 
then can you - -

focus instead on what you have gained?

For me, it is . . .
a new house, a new career, and a new relationship.

And could you imagine by having these thoughts what would happen next time you looked in a mirror and took a picture?

It would feel AMAZING.

Wipe my slate clean dear Universe. Wipe it now.