Wednesday, February 24, 2010

100 Books....I've Got You Covered

I have been working on books....

thinking about books...

& buying paper.

Here is a picture of a page in a new book I have started.

People often ask me...where do you get all this stuff for your books?

Here is a list:
  1. Katie & Co. - a stationery store on Washington - unique cards and where I get all my printed thing.

  2. Chapparal - a needlepoint store on W. Alabama - the best vintage ribbons you will ever find in Houston.

  3. and feathers - saw them at Silver Bella - you need to check them out.

  4. - another Silver Bella find - look at their vintage liquor labels...the text and graphics are simply a project away for me.

  5. The Guild Shop - on Dunlavy - sometimes I can score a whole jar of buttons or whatever for next to nothing.

  6. Uncommon Objects - South Congress in Austin - Words escape me on this venue.

  7. Stamps - I cut every stamp off of every letter - don't get many anymore.

  8. And my best source is family and friends...people don't know what to do with old junk and are happy to part with it knowing it is being reused and repurposed and not just THROWN AWAY!