Thursday, November 6, 2008

Highlight of Katie and Co. - A New Stationery Store in Houston

I thought that one of the things I would like to highlight on my blog are other businesses that provide excellence in service. 

After being in retail for almost 24 years now, I think I am a good judge of a place to go where you can consistently receive it. 

Katie and Co. opened this year in September on Washington Avenue. It has a warm, inviting and personable atmosphere. Having been in stationery myself for five years, and having an addiction to paper so severe that I am still chasing the dragon of my first Crane order, I can tell you about many unique reasons to shop at this store.

First, the seating areas and tables are expansive, so you can actually really lay these books out and have space to breathe. There's room for more than one person at the table, and the fact that it is not cramped makes you feel more creative.

Secondly, you are not surrounded by "stuff." This store has a very loft-like surrounding that is clean and organized, yet with all these quaint pieces of furniture thrown throughout the store that make you feel you are in more than a store, you are in part of Katie's life. For instance, on one large wall there are doors hung with racks attached to them that hold cards (pictured above). One particular door was numbered 3843 (also pictured above) and this door was her grandmother's front door. 

Most importantly for me, the experience in this store is why I have followed them from store to store before Katie opened her own shop. The "Katie" of Katie and Co. is Katie Hackedorn and her co-worker, Michael Pollard. They have been in this business a combined number of 21 years. They know the vendors, the companies and are able to steer the first time bride to the third time mother-to-be to the right type of invitation or announcement that will help them signify their special day.

Michael and Katie will always "know" what is going on with your order. One of my pet-peeves is calling a store to check on something or make a change and it takes transferring the call to three different people and then they still aren't sure about the matter at hand. Also, they are just so darn nice. 

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