Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soul Collage Could Be My Newest Addiction

I completed a class this past weekend in a course I kept seeing over and over again in the catalogue for The Jung Center. Even though I was intrigued by it each time I read the description, there was always a completely valid reason for not being able to sign up for it.

Serendipity happens in our lives every day. I want to share this example of it with you. I called the Jung Center on Thursday to check on the availability of the upcoming Soul Collage class. And low and behold I was still on the fence about signing up for it due to those ever pending, already existing commitments. The next day, my friend Celia, emailed me with a class description for a class in Soul Collage at this place I never heard of way out on the west side. I signed up. Because it was then and there, I knew this was not coincidence.

I drove into this place and the directions said it was behind an Auto Check. So, I am thinking strip center building. And I drove into this place with the metal palm trees and stone driveway. It was like seeing an OASIS. It is part botanical sanctuary, and it's name is The Earth Sanctuary. You could not have asked for a more beautiful, peaceful setting.

I think once my feet hit this type of rock driveway, I was transported into a different place, and a better state of mind.

So, what is Soul Collage? It is an intuitive process that enables the person to create from a completely different part of the brain. You pick images from magazines and just intuitively pull them and put them together in a collage. I promise you...I do a lot of this stuff...and this is one of THE best tools I think I have ever tried. I have been journaling with these cards since I took the class and the amount of knowledge it has opened up for me has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Well, there is a book about the process that you can purchase here . I think the facilitator, Glenda Rice, would be the best person to ask about it. You can reach her here. Glenda will also be facilitating a group to do this every first Saturday for the next six months. I will definitely be at some of these.

A picture of my favorite Collage. I finally just let go and added images with absolutely no idea why they were together. And thanks to my friend, Celia, I ripped the images which was the MOST liberating thing I think I have done in awhile.

Other examples of collages....


celiaclowe said...

our journey is beautifully described by you Molly! i enjoyed being there and will go again. who knew the west side folks had an oasis??? i have journaled with my soul collage pieces and have found them to be powerfully moving ;-)

abbymaya said...

This sounds incredible. Lovely images and I'm checking out the book right now!

Molly Quigley Hughes said...

Amy...you would love this and you would love Celia! Hope you get a chance to come down and join us sometime.

Maryellen Q. said...

I didn't know you had a blog and am happy to keep up with your creativity, even without a bribe! :) Just let me know the next time you are taking one of these workshops and I'm there.