Monday, July 19, 2010

Bookmarks Inspire Me and Aggravate Me

Some bookmarks I just finished

Books inspire me. Making books makes me feel purposeful. It makes me feel alive.

Bookmarks also inspire me, as well as aggravate me. They are a very HARD format for me to create, b/c they are small. And I like to pile stuff on to things and create lots of dimension. But working on this tiny type of canvas is really critical for me, because it helps me to learn to edit. I also think it's a great way to use all your paper scraps.

The bookmarks I always seem to like the best are the ones made out of complete junk. When I actually have to make something out of nothing . . . my mind creates more. And since I am very passionate about repurposing, reusing and recycling, that passion comes through.

Made from bottle caps found in a parking lot, an old earring, and a dry cleaning tag

Made from a Bandaid box, Lucy's discarded paperdoll bits, crepe paper, and some junk

Button, Bottle cap, and another discarded earring


Brenda said...

Really, a BandAid box!? I continue to be impressed by your repurposing skills!

Molly Quigley Hughes said...

You are so sweet. My favorite one was made out of a RUNTS candy box... I made quite a few things from that box come to think of it. You just fill my life, Ms. Brenda. Thanks.