Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best event I attended in 2013: Our wedding

I should title this post...
"How to plan a wedding in 6 days."
If we could have done it quicker, I think we would have.
And here is why.

Although I am not proud to admit this, the truth for all to hear is that this is my third marriage.
Having failed at this twice before, I did not want to call attention to the fact that I was going
to try this thing again.  I was a little embarrassed at telling people...I am getting married
for every time I did, I heard in my head their non-verbal response of "Again?"

I had already had two weddings and this time...
all that was going to matter to me was that this brave man was willing to join me
in partnership and union and not one other thing mattered.

Not what people thought.
Not what I wore.
Not what we did or did not do.
Not what we served.
Not where we had it.
Not who came.

I wore something I already had.
Well, actually, I bought something new, but when I put it on an hour before the ceremony,
you could see right through it.  So, I grabbed something from my closet, and that was that.
Lucy was right there with me and I could not have her remember her mom freaking out
on her wedding day because of some outfit that unfortunately did not work.

We got married outside of the architecture building at Rice, where Bob graduated from years ago.
We walked across the street to the graduate student bar called Valhalla, with both our mothers in attendance, thank Goodness. and had a beer with whoever showed up from our Facebook invitation. I think a lot of people thought it was an invitation to an engagement party, which made it all the better.

In front of 14 people, we said "I do" with my best girl and my stepson at my side and Bob's two best men at his side.  Our dear friend Greg Marshall officiated.
We had about 80 people show up to raise a glass with us at Valhalla.
It wasn't glamorous.  It wasn't big.  It was quick.
But it was authentic.

We exchanged vows with rings we already had.  
I designed my last ring and Bob liked his old ring, so no point getting new ones.
We did burn sage over them 30 minutes before the know, just in case.

My flowers looked just like my sister Tara had designed them.
Her old wholesaler did them for me, and that was one of the nicest parts
of the entire day... looking down at them from time to time and remembering her.

Almost six months into this new union, I know one thing for sure...
I have never had a marriage like this one before.  And I am thankful I had the others preceding this one.
I don't regret any union I made, whether successful or not.
I am just blessed that I got the opportunity to do it with Bob.
And Marc. And Lucy.

Having a family is pretty wonderful.
Having someone who always has your back is even more wonderful.

Sorry if you did not get the Facebook invitation or could not attend.
You didn't miss the event of the season
just a sweet memory and celebration of two people who planned a wedding in six days.


Amy Huff said...

This is really gorgeous and seems perfect for you. You guys clearly look head over heels and that's one good looking family!

I heard an interview from Mary Tyler Moore where someone asked her about the failure of her marriage, she said it didn't fail. It was lovely for a time and then when it wasn't they moved on and that's life. Relationships change and she's glad she found someone she plans to be with forever but never regretted any relationship and they all helped her grow and learn.

Congratulations and a virtual glass was raised!

Molly Ann Quigley said...

Miss Amy...what a lovely, lovely thing to say to me. I so appreciate it. Just made my heart leap when I read it. Hugs to you and yours.