Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bathroom Diaries - The Condemned

Common Bond Bakery

Occasionally, I am completely baffled when...
I walk into a bathroom of a swanky hotel,
or talked-about restaurant, etc., and find
a complete hole-in-the-wall powder room that is
ACTUALLY a part of the establishment but seems like
it was designed by the drunk uncle of the owner who 
ran out of money when it came to designing this restroom.

I feel especially qualified to make these comments as
I work for an interior designer part-time, and am in tile 
showrooms weekly, see costs and know how little it 
takes to create a well-designed space.

For a restaurant that has spent this much money on branding,
packaging, and merchandising to even do a wall as if an Anthropologie visual merchandiser laid it out . . . 
Imagine the surprise of walking into the ladies restroom to find 
nothing on the walls; no art, not even wallpaper.

Instead of a sign about hand washing framed with
beautiful typography, there's this -

Pretty flowers?  Well . . . there was this.
Which happened to be
the only decoration.

When I used to post pictures on my Facebook feed
about the lousy state of bathrooms I run across, 
I started doing this for 3 reasons:

1.   To open a discussion on something overlooked
2.   To photograph small spaces - I like a challenge
3.     To get the privilege to re-do one of these

Somebody, give me your budget and let me improve
your facilities.  I promise I can do better. 

1 comment:

Laura Waldusky said...

With the exception of the "plant", I thought you stepped into a detention area.