Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Handmade Books That Will Make You Quiver With Delight

Now tell you get as excited about seeing Cherry Blossoms as I do?

Do handmade books make you squeal with delight?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But maybe if you look at this very talented bookbinder you might change your mind.

I was glancing through Facebook one day when one of the artists I love the most, Charlotte Lyons, whose website you can visit here, happened to have a picture of this artist's work on her page.

I opened it. And low and behold....the world of Katie Gonzalez and her company, Linen Laid Felt opened up before my already teary eyes (yes, teary - I did mention I love the Cherry Blossoms, no?).

I did SOMETHING I never do. I ordered something right then and there, I contacted the artist, told her I wanted a custom book, and we talked and I was elated. How often does this happen?

I ordered a book for Lucy with a special inscription on it that says, "The words of Lucy Hughes" or something like that. I want to be able to write down all the funny things she says and what better place to put them in than a book of this quality? And how much did this cost me? A mere $40.00. That's right. Now why in the world would you not invest in this type of craftsmanship?

So here is how you can contact Katie Gonzalez:

or become her friend on Facebook:
and lastly, email her, which is what I

Hope you enjoy checking out her blog and reading about her as much as I have. Truly, I love handmade things.

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