Monday, April 20, 2015

A Cure-All for Creative Blockage

Having conversations with artists and interviewing them, 
certain themes pop up on a regular basis.
Learning to "follow your intuition" seems to be
one of them.

When I walk by a place now that intrigues me,
I finally have learned to listen to the voice
beckoning to take 5 minutes and walk inside.

For a whooping $5.00 admission fee, you can peruse
a large room filled with these medicines and cure-alls
from times past.  Look at the packaging or
just marvel at how much science has changed.

Not much of a needle girl myself, but 
I'll take the leather case these came in any day.

I think I want a wall like this at my house.
I'd fill jars with beach water and sand, while labeling
 each bottle with the name of the beach and the date.

Lead nipples.  Oh my goodness.
"The sweet taste of lead," really?

The type styles, the packaging, the old bottles . . .
some people might get energized by a candy store
or a bakery - give me this set up any day.

I don't know about you, but I kept thinking about how
I could smuggle this glass piece and walk out with it.

Cocaine Toothache Drops - wow, yes, probably
a very instant cure.

Often, stopping in a place like this, creates a flow
of ideas for writing that otherwise would have laid dormant.
It's as if one part of the brain gets sparked and 
helps rewire another part.

For more information, packaging and bottle porn,
check out their website.  They are located at 514 Chartres Street,
which is not far from Jackson Square - about two blocks or so.

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Tomika said...

What a great reminder to listen to that small voice, Molly! Also, thank you for sharing the oddities you found in that shop. The lead nipple? Cocaine toothache drops? We have come a long way. :)