Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bathroom Diaries - Bayou Bend & Raven Grill

I don't mind saying I like good interior design.
I'm not unusual.  But you know what is unusual?
Good Bathroom Design.
If you missed my last post on this, please look here.

And gentleman, please take note of the following when
creating bathroom design.  The Raven Grill has numerous
small touches I want to thank them for.

I don't know about YOU - but don't ya
think having a shelf like this to put your purse on
 in every ladies' room should be a law? 

Having a hook or a shelf, 
instead of the floor (yuck)
is always appreciated.

And a stool by every sink, so you don't have to 
hold your toddler up to wash their hands?
And get your dress all wet.  And theirs.

And a beautiful lamp next to the sink so
we can look in the mirror without fluorescent lighting?

And a mirror that tells us . . .
"You look very pretty!"

Whoever did this bathroom, I want to
give you a hug.  You are thoughtful.

And then over at Bayou Bend,
I want to covet their counter material.

I have never walked in and seen a better 
shock of surprising color.

This is the edge of the surface, which had me more confused.
I am in design showrooms a lot, but I cannot tell what
type of material this is - can you?

If you are unfamiliar with Bayou Bend or
haven't been in awhile, you might head that way
now, because the Springtime is the best time to see.


tammy wolfe said...

Wonderful article ! Thank you for doing this. you need to do a Bathroom book!

Amy Huff said...

Ok, let me just get over my bag envy and then say yes. Yes, a shelf/hook/something is a requirement and amen on the stool. Plus paper towels. I like the environment as much as the next lady but really, we make a mess on the counter and we get soaked when picking kiddo up to wash and or aren't careful with our scarves.

I think it's think plexi or maybe a matte resin?