Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Paper, Stationery, Calligraphy - Oh My

In a former life, I designed things like these . . .
business cards (my favorite consult time with people), 
custom monograms (probably my favorite thing to design), wedding programs, invitations, basically anything to do with paper.

(Sources: business card is SMOCK, correspondence card is Vera Wang for William Arthur, and wedding program is Crane & Co.)

Now, I get excited when planning my own soirees.
Not because I like to cook.  I don't.
Because I like to send invitations.
And cards.  Letters.  Folded notes.

(Source: Anna Griffin designed by Lucia Lupia)

Here are my business cards.
Yes, I ordered two different stock colors from Crane & Co.
Both are engraved with copper ink, 
but depending on who the recipient is,
depends on which color I give them.

I've been posting old samples of my stationery collection
on Instagram using the hashtag, #athankyounoteaday.
 And actually getting followers.  Go figure.
I started doing it for my own personal cataloging and
I guess it has sort of grown into a way for me to share
my greatest passion: P-A-P-E-R.

(Source: Crane & Co. engraved on handmade rag paper)

I've saved old cards like this one from my grandmother,
but I wish I had saved more.  I have a stack from my
Great Aunt Ginny, tied with ribbon, that I will save in a fire.

And I have boxes of letters from my dear friend, Mary Lou,
who I did a paper exchange with for many years.

We even invited Katie, from Katie & Co., to join us years ago.
In fact, one of my very first blog posts was 
about Katie's stationery store (pardon the dinky pics - it was 2008). 
The only place I recommend, as the girl knows design.

Mary Lou sent me New Year's cards, Valentine's Cards,
not-to-mention all the other Holidays.  Plus notes showing off her 
new stationery or saying something like "looking forward
to our lunch on Friday."  She was the example of note writing.

I'm not as good a letter writer as she was,
but I long to be.

(Source: Vera Wang Fine Stationery)

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