Monday, March 23, 2015

Unposed Moments From Yesterday

So impressed with this brave step forward from Starbucks.
Their "Race Together" campaign had me thinking this week.

I had some interesting writing assignments to work on - 
a business consultant's new website, and writing a Kickstarter
for a local R&B Singer.

Walking with Scooter - the gold standard among dogs.
If you have never had a dog, believe me when I tell you,
Everyone would have a dog, if they could have one like Scooter.

Hanging out this past week with this kid.
Some visits to Goode Co. Tacqueria when the weather
gets this beautiful are mandatory.
I love capturing the shake dripping, him grabbing his ear,
his DS (which will be obsolete 10 minutes from now).

My mother-in-law, Susie, was visiting from Oregon.
She's what I have dreamed of for a mother-in-law for let's say, my whole life.  She tells me things like I have pizazz, that my house looks ORGANIZED (I asked her to say that louder so my husband could hear), that I'm a good mom.  She was an early childhood development expert making her infinitely patient with the littles.
I'm sad to see her leave tomorrow.

Something I saw on my walk yesterday.
I love the cone shapes of the kale and the boxwood, don't you?

A sign I definitely want to hang on my chair at Starbucks.
I'm an introvert.  I like my space.

The window display at The Jung Center.
Notice the label names on the library card drawers.

My training for the Avon 39 mile race is going well.
This Saturday, I will do 17 miles and Sunday 8 miles.
My friend Monica, told me, "If you follow the training plan, you will do fine.  You will wonder when you do 12 miles for the first time and 6 the next day, how you will do 14 and 8 the next weekend, when you feel you barely made this one, but you will."  Thanks Monica.  I no longer worry.

Sort of looks like what I think London would . . .
love seeing things like this on my walks that make
me feel I am in an unknown, foreign land.

I saw this Guerilla Art pole with the MFAH (The Museum of 
Fine Arts, Houston) stickers for admission
that people had slammed on here.
I sort of want one.

And then there's these two.
Biggy and Marc.
I don't know who loves who more.

But this is the picture I loved more.
I don't know why.
Sometimes the unposed ones,
tug at my heart.

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