Friday, January 2, 2015

Heavy Metal And A Girl Named Kathleen

Since posting a picture of my sister, Kathleen's, metal lamp on Instagram & Facebook, she got a lot of positive comments.  It's hard when you are an artist to promote your own stuff, something I love doing for others. You might remember I wrote an article about her last year on her current painting project. And I promised, after posting the lamp, I would share photos about the metal Christmas tree she made this year.  Here it is in all its glory (and not an easy thing to photograph, I might add). 

It is a metal structure where she added magnolia leaves (to green it up), lights, and ornaments.  The picture below is a close-up of the abstract design on each one of the tiers.  There is open work in the design, where you can conveniently hang your ornaments, or chose not to.  I love the flexibility of making this structure fit any type of design aesthetic; from traditional to uber-modern, it marries outstanding deign to sustainability.

A picture from the floor looking up to the top.  The tree is about 6 feet tall, this one is on a metal pedestal, that she made.  She is also going to make a 4 foot tall version.

The one thing I was not successful with was capturing the top of it.
The picture below does not do it justice.

These will be available to order, and I have one on my wish list for this year.  To not have to go out and get a tree, have the design flexibility to change its look from year to year, own something unique and know it is green are all the reasons I think this would be a valuable addition to our home.

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Rebecca Skupin Marcontell said...

Fantastic and stunning! Can't wait to see what you will do with yours....