Monday, January 12, 2015

How the Teepee Fits in The House & Where to Find One

This is Lucy's room.  I used to wish it was all linen colored, with pale, pale pink accents and a lot of white (aka something I saw in The Restoration Hardware Baby & Child catalogue).  After reading Myquillyn Smith's book, The Nesting Place, I took a hard look at myself, and decided this is what I have, and I will make it work.

It sort of helps to have books that match your decor.
And btw, Lucy seems to like these books, as much as I did.

I am embarrassed that I had linens from Carol Hicks Bolton
and was thinking about re-doing them (really?). 

 A doll house I got for Lucy by selling one of my purses.
Seriously.  I sold a purse for this house.

 This was the tent that Lucy received from Santa.
It is made by a company called Dolly and Frances
The tents are one-of-a-kind and have hand-painted details (like the fairies on this tent), utilize vintage fabrics & are true works of art.
Installation, or should I say set-up, takes all of 25 seconds.

               I try to limit the amount of stuff in her room.
With focus on handmade items and well,
Pee-Wee Herman memorabilia and PEZ containers.

 There isn't tremendous space, but the tent fits in nicely, serves wonderful purposes and I'm so very proud of the space.
I don't need crown molding, a new chandelier, or anything else
to make this space more complete.

I love promoting artists.
Today I promote the work of Dolly and Frances.
Two girls making tents that make little girl's dreams come true.
And one Myquillyn Smith, who has taught me

"It doesn't have to be perfect,
to be beautiful."

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Amy Huff said...

LOVE. Her room is gorgeous and we're definitely working on making do, re-purposing, reusing, etc in our house especially as we save for our house purchase this fall.