Tuesday, January 6, 2015

One Person Read My Blog & Wrote Me A Letter of Gratitude

During the summer, I ventured into writing 62 letters of gratitude honoring Maya Angelou.  There was no hashtag for this or ways I was promoting it, I was merely trying to honor Maya and to ensure that when I died, I had said the things I needed to say to people. You can read about my journey and progress.  I even received letters in return: some from my childhood heroes who thanked me for writing to them.  I even got one from Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks (I fainted at the mailbox - really).

But nothing could prepare me for the one letter that I received this Christmas.  The letter that while I was sick in bed with the flu, I would open and reread over and over again.

I read something Joan Didion wrote once that all writers wonder if anyone is reading their work.  You can't help but wonder this when you blog. But after reading this one letter, it did not matter to me any more whether numerous people were reading what I wrote or not. Because one person did.  And that one person, just from reading my blog, wrote me a letter of gratitude that I will never part with, and that I put in my coveted box of items that is labeled "IN CASE OF FIRE."

I thank you dear Sally Huffer.  You made my pursuit in this blog a special one.  

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