Monday, January 5, 2015

My New Organized Office Space - It's My Bitch

This is my new improved office space.  It's my bitch.  Everything is now where I need it, and not in crate after crate on the floor. Wonder boy (aka my hubs) made the most amazing bookcase for me (from scratch) and used a milk paint with an antique something or other on top of it.  I love how the finish matches the painting over my desk.  

I gots room for all my notebooks.  Look how tall that one is on the very's a French ledger with original blotter - yea I know, you probably have a better one.

I even have room for my clipboards.  BTW, the artist who did these, was told they would never sell.   They are her number one product.  I love stories like that.

Design books that I reference, like Sibella Court's, The Life of a Bowerbird (which is a whole other post), are easy to grab.  I can even put a picture of me with my old horse, Sammy, and no one can tell me that I can't - Ha!

I have a little cart that houses all my tools...and yes, I use that calculator and will NOT get rid of it.  I have the three-tiered thingie behind my photo printer labeled with Action, Pending & Filing, just like the Organizer, Denise Hughes, told me to do, and I am managing it.  If you need an organizer, I will tell you, she is it.  I did this all myself, but not without her working and teaching me in a former house. She should be a life coach too.

Now here is the most AMAZING thing.  This is all the paper I NOW have in my life.  This is it.  One top of the cart.  I spent most of December getting rid of all the crap I do not need, taking better care of all the stuff I do need to be The Online Dating Cheerleader. It's pretty amazing, but don't feel bad, because I still have this below on my dining room table.  LEGOS. I am trying hard to embrace you, I really am.


Derrick George said...

What a nice work space you've setup. It looks really comfortable and I imagine it must be nice to have that for yourself. I really dig the wire file cabinet, thanks for the idea. I'm buying one for my own work space today. I have to say I'm pretty inspired to give my space a makeover, thanks for the ideas.

Derrick George @ ZZONE 31

Nicholas Taylor said...

Now that is what I call organised, and it looks fabulous! I am ashamed to say that I am nowhere near this stage and constantly drowning under paperwork. I absolutely love those clipboards though (who knew a boring clipboard could be so inspirational!) Your filing organisation is inspiring - now I just need some of your motivation and discipline!

Nicholas Taylor @ Vancouver Business Brokers

Raymond said...

I have been looking everywhere for inspiration to make my wife a study and I think I have just found it! She is currently at home with a two year old and pregnant with the second so it would be great and you have given me some great ideas. Thanks

Raymond @ CKS Global Solutions LTD